Our amazing speakers announced so far – in no particular order! Check Twitter for the latest announcements.

{ Oliver Holtaway

Oliver works as a communications consultant for social enterprises and helped to make Bath City FC a community-owned football club. He will talk about the challenges that people running community-owned clubs face in keeping the show on the road after the initial excitement of a community takeover campaign.


{ Simon Elmer 

Simon Elmer is co-founder and co-director of Architects for Social Housing. He will be talking about the relative financial, social and environmental costs of estate demolition and redevelopment, which is current government, GLA and local authority policy, versus the benefits of refurbishment and infill, and showing why the former always leads to the social cleansing of the existing community.


{ Dr Michelle Williams 

Dr Michelle Williams is Product Design Course leader at the University of Gloucestershire and founder of the Cheltenham Regeneration Repair Cafe. She will be talking about the creation of the Regeneration Repair Café and the importance of bringing repair culture to design education.

{ Cambridge’s Guerrilla Groundsman

The Guerrilla Groundsman will be talking about his underground maintenance campaign in Cambridge, secretly fixing things in public places: Random Acts of Tidying.


{ David Edgerton  

David is the author of The Shock of the Old and will be talking about the neglected importance of maintenance in our understanding of technology in the past and present.


{ Adrian McEwen

Adrian co-founded the DoES Liverpool makerspace and will be sharing how they repurpose digital tools to manage and maintain the community’s equipment and workspace.


{ Alanna Irving 

Alanna is a builder of participatory software enabling radical collaboration, especially with money. She will be talking about maintainers as leaders, and the importance of recognising them as such. Alanna developed Full Circle Leadership as a framework for understanding the diverse forms leadership takes in collaborative groups.


{ Chris Mills  

Chris Mills manages the MDN writers’ team at Mozilla and will be weaving a tale of web standards, web browsers, and how MDN is vital to helping developers build a web that’s as accessible and open as can be.


{ Daria Cybulska  

René Zieger for Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Daria is Head of Programmes and Evaluation at Wikimedia UK, an open knowledge charity. She will be exploring themes of knowledge maintenance, peering under the bonnet of Wikipedia’s hidden processes and uncovering the work of thousands of Wikipedia volunteer editors.



{ Andrew Nesbitt

Andrew is a software developer based in Somerset. He’ll be talking about some of the problems with unseen open source infrastructure and the movement to make it more sustainable.


{ Jake Harries


Jake Harries is Director of Art & Innovation at Access Space in Sheffield. He will be talking at the Festival about Refab Space, their d.i.y maker space, why they built it in 2011, and what they think now about the technologies.